Ji Chang Wook Is Ha Ji Won'S Manager?

Good news for TaNyang/JiJi shipper on Oct 23. Any Ha Ji Won người would know by heart that October 23 has special meaning for them và Ha Ji Won. Because her fansclub is called 1023 so her fans celebrate at this day as 1023 Day. But surprisingly & coincidentally, the date is also Ji Chang Wook’s official debut anniversary. For Ji Chang Wook it was the date when his first movie “Sleeping Beauty” released in Korea. So mark your calendar on Oct 23 from now on! ^^ For the special date, we collect 23 facts about Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook. So here you go! 23 Facts about Ha Ji Won và Ji Chang Wook 1. 1023 is Ha Ji Won’s official fansclub, pronounced il-gong-i-sam. It stands for LOVE & she herself who thought about it. (Honestly I thought there’s cryptic message behind 1023, other than LOVE :p) 2. Ji Chang Wook’s official debut anniversary is also on October 23. He debuted in 2008 when his first movie released in Korea. 4. Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook starred together in Korean hit drama “Empress Ki” that was aired from October 2013 until April 2014. The drama is currently MBC highest-rated weekday drama in 2013/năm trước.

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5. Ha Ji Won was born in Seoul, 28th June 1978. Ji Chang Wook was born in Anyang, 5th July 1987. 6. Both have sầu Cancer zodiac. While according khổng lồ Chinese astrology, Ha Ji Won was born in Horse year while Ji Chang Wook in Rabbit year. 7. They have 9 years age gap. More startling fact, Ha Ji Won has been in Korean entertainment industy since 1997 while Ji Chang Wook must be still in elementary school that year. 8. Ha Ji Won comes from a large family of six (including her parents, 2 sisters, & one brother). Ha Ji-Won is the second oldest child in her family & her younger brother Jeon Tae Soo is an actor. 9. Ji Chang Wook is the only child in his family. His father died when he was in elementary school. He lives only with his mother now. 10. Ha Ji Won real name is Jeon Hae Ryên. Her stage name is actually her manager’s first love sầu name. 12. Ha Ji Won và Ji Chang Wook are the current model for clothing và sportswear brand, Northcape since early năm trước.

13. Both of them attended Dankook University và Ji Chang Wook regards her as his senior. Ha Ji Won was batch 1997 while Ji Chang Wook was batch 2006. 14. The fact above sầu is also the first fact Ji Chang Wook told to lớn Ha Ji Won during their first scene in “Empress Ki”. Ji Chang Wook asked, “Noona, vì chưng you know we’re from same university?” Ha Ji Won, “Oh is that so? Good.” (ROFLMAO) 15. They become loving couple in “Empress Ki”. The couple affectionately called TaNyang Couple, shortened from Ta Hwan and Seung Nyang, their characters’ name. While after Empress Ki, the shippers who continue ship them in real life called them JiJi, stands for Ha Ji Won & Ji Chang Wook.16. Their first filming together is horse-riding scene on the beach that appeared on episode 4 of “Empress Ki”.

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17. Both of them admit the scene as the most memorable scene in “Empress Ki”. However because of the scene filming they were bruised và Ha Ji Won said she can’t walk for 3 days. 18. Their last filming together is Ta Hwan kills Golta scene on episode 51 of “Empress Ki”. After the last filming both of them also gave sầu short speech & bid farewell to the viewers.

19. Ji Chang Wook is the current Model for Cass Beer. So did Ha Ji Won in 2010 after “Secret Garden”. trăng tròn. Ha Ji Won receives “Best Actor Selected by PD from 3 Main Stations Award” as well as “Popularity Award” và “Daesang trọng (Gr& Prize)” at MBC Drama Awards 2013. While Ji Chang Wook receives “Excellence Award”.21. Both of them loves sports and working out. Ji Chang Wook loves football và basketball. While Ha Ji Won masters boxing, hapkibởi vì and swimming. Both also lượt thích horse-riding that’s why they appear naturally with the horse whenever they have to act horse-riding scene. 22. During “Empress Ki” press conference on Oct 24, 2013 (exactly one year ago), Ha Ji Won couldn’t choose between Joo Jin Mo & Ji Chang Wook. However in recent interviews she said she’s closer khổng lồ Ji Chang Wook & describes his scent as red flower scent. Between Ta Hwan and Wang Yoo, she chooses Ta Hwan because she likes someone who expresses his love directly. 23. Ji Chang Wook who stated he picked Song Hye Kyo as his igiảm giá khuyến mãi type before (December 2012) changed his igiảm giá khuyến mãi type on MBC Section TV (May 2014) khổng lồ Ha Ji Won. In one Empress Ki BTS, he admits he is Ha Ji Won’s bạn.

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