You can travel from Ho Chi Minh lớn Mui Ne (và Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh) via bus, train, private car/van, or motorbike.

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1 You can travel from Ho Chi Minch lớn Mui Ne (& Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho Chi Minh) via bus, train, private car/van, or motorxe đạp.

The Ho Chi Minh khổng lồ Mui Ne route is a well-trodden trail for backpackers, kitesurfers, & all you nomads looking lớn swap out the thành phố streets for the beach.

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Bus companies serving the Ho Chi Minh lớn Mui Ne route will also be able to bring you baông chồng from Mui Ne to lớn Ho Chi Minc once you’ve sầu finished your stint in the beach town. The ticket price is the same on the way baông chồng down, và though it’s always possible lớn book your spot from any of the bus offices in the town, we recommkết thúc booking it here for extra convenience & security.

The buses typically pichồng you up from wherever their depot is along the main Mui Ne road, but sometimes they’ll offer a pickup service from outside your hotel/guesthouse (As long as it’s located on the main strip).

The really good news is that it is possible to lớn travel from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho Chi Minc by bus in the night. You can take a night bus from 11 pm khổng lồ around 1 am, which gets you to Ho Chi Minch in the wee hours of the morning (4-6 am, depending on your time of departure). The bus will drop you off in Pham mê Ngu Lao, District 1.

Buses also run throughout the entire day. Make sure you factor in Ho Chi Minh rush hour traffic if you’re planning lớn arrive in the đô thị in the late afternoon/evening- especially if you’re taking a flight from Ho Chi Minc airport. It’s an absolute nightmare khổng lồ get stuông xã for 1+ hour on the outskirts of the city!


For anyone planning lớn take the train from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho Chi Minch, you’ll need to take a xe taxi from Mui Ne to lớn Phan Thiet train station first. You can hail a xe taxi anywhere along the main road in Mui Ne (the green Mai Linh taxis are the most common, and drivers always use the meter).

Taxis are virtually always driving up & down the street, so booking a xe taxi isn’t usually necessary.

The train from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne departs daily at 13.10 & arrives in Saigon between 17.00 và 18.00.

You can book your train tickets at the station in Phan Thiet, but if you’re in Mui Ne you probably don’t want khổng lồ make an extra hour-long round trip lớn reserve sầu your spot in advance. The most convenient way khổng lồ get your train tickets from Mui Ne lớn Ho Chi Minch is khổng lồ book them online in advance.


Travelling baông chồng down from Mui Ne lớn Ho Chi Minch is a cinch in a private oto. The driver will be able khổng lồ pichồng you up from anywhere you need (your guesthouse, khách sạn, or even straight from the kitesurfing club) & drop you directly khổng lồ your next destination. This is definitely the most convenient, quickest, and comfortable option- particularly if you’re bound for Ho Chi Minch airport.

You can book your oto from Mui Ne to lớn Ho Chi Minc online in advance, guaranteeing you a reliable driver, a nice oto, & good customer service.


Taking a private van from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho Chi Minh is for sure the best option for groups of travellers, nomads travelling with a lot of luggage, & kitesurfers or windsurfers. Your driver will be able lớn piông chồng you up wherever you need- even if that means waiting for you outside the kite club while you squeeze in your final session before going home page.

For maximum convenience và reliability, we recommkết thúc booking your van from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho Chi Minch online in advance.


If you drove sầu your motorbike up from Saigon, chances are you’ll want to lớn continue your road trip once you’ve finished up your time in Mui Ne. Take your pick between the faster highway route & the scenic ocean road.

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And for those of you that don’t need lớn return to the đô thị, your next leg of the adventure should definitely be khổng lồ head north along the insanely beautiful coastal road between Mui Ne and Phan Rang– Vietnam’s newest up-and-coming kitesurf spot.